This is a thought that popped into my head today. Thank you universe. It is a riff on the ideas of Abraham-Hicks.

Esther Hicks is a channeler who speaks wisdom gained from outside of herself. I think we all do that. She speaks for guides who she says reside in the non-physical.

Who cares. If I read wisdom on the back of cereal boxes, it would still be wisdom. The source does not matter.

So, “where you are is what you were.” This is a metaphysical and psychological brute fact. Where you are at any point in your life comes as a result of the person you were in the past – the things you did in the past – the thoughts you entertained and focused on in the past.

We all tend to focus on our lives in the present and woe is us – or I guess, woe are us. Why can’t things change? Why can’t we find love. Why can’t we find more satisfaction in our life. Why can’t we make more money to be more comfortable? Why can’t we be healthier?

Abraham-Hicks reminds us that we must focus on our desires and intentions without focusing on our immediate reality. Focusing on what is, simply reinforces the thoughts and actions of our past that led up to these conditions that we are wanting to change. It does not help us to evolve.

I’ll be speaking much more of this, but I wanted to get this out there.

“Where you are is what you were.” Sit with that. And then think something different.