Consciousness is this complex self awareness that we are all sure that we possess. Some will say that it’s perhaps the one thing we can be sure of – our own consciousness. Conventional material science that starts with physical matter has a real problem with explaining how consciousness arises. This video briefly looks at the conventional scientific view of consciousness. It shows serious people in white lab coats looking at images of brains functioning, in the quest to find the origin of consciousness. The implication is that science has made real progress and we are close to understanding the relationship between brains and consciousness, when in reality there is a chasm between consciousness and physical matter that seems to me to be unbridgeable if we insist that consciousness arises from the physical matter of brain. There’s no question that our brains play a central role in our experience and expression of our consciousness, but that in no way proves that our consciousness arises from our brain.

I want to explore consciousness from the other side – starting with consciousness, but first it is useful to look at the physical approach. As well as people in lab coats, we have Daniel Dennet, a philosopher and cognitive scientist, who fundamentally denies the centrality of consciousness to the experience of being human. I understand his position because he is constrained by the limits of working within a physical universe. He could be right, but I am convinced that he is not, for reasons that I will develop in future posts. I also take issue with Daniel Dennet in that he and others gives evolution a bad name, because conventional science has so thoroughly related it to being fundamental with physical existence, when it is equally at home with the broader existence and metaphysics. Conventional physical science has claimed evolution as its own. I am here to claim evolution beyond physical existence – way beyond.

So this video discusses a view of consciousness that I essentially take extreme issue with. I think that by any measure, this attempt to understand and explain consciousness has been a failure, but it remains the current dogma in much of science, but not all. I want to present this before I move on to another view of consciousness in later posts.