This is one of the more subtle and human music video from the 80’s.

10 CC were a great, intelligent pop band, with art school sensibilities, from the 70’s. Godley and Creme were two members who went on to have a successful career after the band split.

This video is remarkable for its technicality – long before simple laptops were capable of digital magic. It’s impact is greater for the lack of those digital effects. Life is analog at the level we perceive it.

I find this video and song compelling in it’s humanity. Pain is a universal human emotion. Watching this video I am reminded of just how we are all the same behind the mask of persona.

We are all uniquely here in our “beingness”. We are all essentially the same beneath the skin of gender, age, race, culture, and experience. Our human nature transcends our differences. Each one of us is an individuated piece of something much greater than we can comprehend. That duality is baked in at the most fundamental metaphysical level and is part of the joy and pain of this life.

The irony is that in crying, in pain, we often feel the most alone, but in this video we are reminded of our being part of that much greater whole.

Eros rises.