I’ve been exploring the meaning of life here at mashupsoup.com but I want to refocus my efforts. I’m torn between writing deeper pieces and alternatively, to post news, ideas, and reviews with shorter comments as well. Those two things don’t mix well in a single blog.

So I’ve decided to have two blogs on my central theme – the bigger meaning of life. I consider it to be the biggest meaning of life, but for now I’ll leave some room for…expansion. I can’t rule out that there is something bigger, but for now, I think this is the biggest meaning of life.

I believe that the bigger meaning of life is what I like to call, deep evolution. This is an evolution that goes way beyond Darwinian or Neo-Darwinian ideas about evolution. This deep evolution operates at numerous levels from the cells and the DNA in our bodies, all the way up to humanity, as a whole. Deep evolution works on culture, technology, knowledge, human institutions, gender, and many other areas. There is tremendous overlap and synergy as, for instance, technology, culture and gender evolve and affect one another in a big mashup to help drive the evolution of humanity. Some factors are bigger than others, but it’s impossible to separate any single factor. It’s a mashup!

But the biggest and most important site for this deep evolution? The individual. Each one of us is a unique mixture of ideas, talents, experiences, intentions, shadow aspects, gender and more factors that we could ever count. All those parts are expanding in complexity and number. Look at gender – at one time male and female defined the category. Now? Gender is a much bigger category – certain to get bigger with subtler and more fluid boundaries.

Change happens in two ways – trends and cycles. Some things come and go. Color schemes come and go out of fashion. I don’t miss dusty rose and dove grey from the eighties, but they might come back. Shudder. Alert – I have noticed a light pale pink showing up at Ikea. But the increasing complexity, richness, and yes, messiness of life, is a trend that I only see continuing and accelerating. There is no going back. Pockets of society may, and certainly individuals can try to go back and resist change for a while, but, we are witnessing the evolution of humanity, as has never been seen before.

I’m not trying to convince anyone with this short piece – or even with my two blogs. Right now, I want to set out my thinking and the basis for my blogs. My two blogs will expand on my ideas and no doubt those ideas will evolve as the world and I evolve. I invite you to join me in evolution, as we all pursue the bigger meaning of life, in our own personal way. I am writing and exploring at my blog because I want to encourage our conscious evolution.

Ultimately, I see the evolution of humanity and the evolution of each one us as being inevitable – we are all living in an age that is demanding our evolution. Not so long ago, life and culture changed slowly and generations of people lived much of their life as their parents had. Now we have no choice – we are all forced to adapt and evolve. I think this evolution is a good thing. I believe that deep down, each one of us has a soul that is calling us to evolve and express our self in a unique way. After all, I see evolution as the meaning of life – the purpose of life. So I embrace my personal evolution, as well as that of my fellow humans and humanity as a whole. Making our evolution more conscious will only be good for us all.

The evolution of the individual – each one of us – is both the biggest driver of human evolution, and its most obvious manifestation. This personal evolution is intimately involved with human psychology and I credit Carl Jung as my greatest teacher in this. Carl Jung was a profound thinker who explored the depths of the human psyche. He and his students, and those he has inspired, have explored the human psyche and its evolution in a more profound way than any individual or school has before or since. I will be exploring many of Jung’s ideas and those developed further by those he taught and inspired. I’ll be exploring many ideas and many people on my two blogs, but so far, I’ve not found anyone more inspiring, more original, more deep thinking, yet more practical, than Jung. He is the sort of genius who only comes along very rarely. He has already had a profound effect on psychology and human culture, and with our ongoing and accelerating evolution, I only see his contributions and legacy continuing and expanding.

Jung, above all, saw that each one of us is on a special journey of personal evolution that he called individuation. Jung held that the individual’s personal journey in this, was her or his own. Most, if not all, of his psychology was in support of this personal journey of individuation, because that is how humanity will evolve. Of course, our personal journey of evolution is supported by society as it too evolves. The evolution of gender in western society has supported the evolution of individuals within that society as people find it easier to pursue their personal concept of their gender role. In that, each one of us is liberated in our pursuit of our deepest desires and goals, and in that, we evolve. In turn, that personal evolution supports the social changes, in accelerating waves of evolution. For me, Jung holds a special place in all this deep evolution and I will be writing about him and his ideas more than most.

Individuation is not the whole of our individual evolution, but I consider it to be the deepest aspect of our personal evolution. It carries with it the most profound effects and value to our lives. Each one us evolves personally in many ways, with our education (formal and most valuably, otherwise), our relationships, our work, our leisure, and many other factors. Our personal evolution over our lifetime is multi-layered. But at the core of our selves is the potential for individuation as Jung set out. I am no expert on that process, but I am committed to a journey of first hand experience and I have begun that.

Ok – I think it’s time to bring this to a close. I just wanted to set out my central idea and the territory – essentially, everything, because everything is connected – but everything from the perspective of deep evolution. Our human evolution includes every aspect of our lives. I think that observing this world and our own lives through the lens of deep evolution puts things in a perspective that is most helpful to support our life. As I’ve developed these ideas over the past almost two years, I have found that this deep evolution view allows me to better understand the world, my place in it, and better understand the events in the world, as well as in my own life. Both my life and the world makes a lot more sense to me with this deep evolution perspective.

I’ll be exploring this deep evolution – the bigger meaning of life in two blogs. And making our evolution more conscious in support of this bigger meaning of life.

Mashupsoup.com will look at the issues more broadly with shorter pieces. Often those posts will be comments on current events or interesting writing and ideas that I come across.

I like to consider this to be mashup soup for the soul and its evolution.

Soulsbuffet.com will look at the central issues in my concept of deep evolution in greater depth – longer pieces.

I am using the term “soul” to be our highest self or the core of our being.

In these two blogs, I want to further develop and explore the idea of this deep evolution. I also want to encourage people to consider these ideas and most of all, I want to stimulate your own evolution in the way that best serves you. I’ll be writing about personal, as well as social evolution, but again, our own personal evolution – individuation – is, for me, the most important aspect of deep evolution. Biological evolution operates most fundamentally at the level of the cell and human social evolution operates most fundamentally at the level of the individual.

It all adds up to deep evolution – the bigger meaning of life.