David Foster Wallace is a sensitive soul who left us too soon. I wrote about him previously in regards to his brilliant commencement speech. 

I have yet to come across anything of his that is not worth pondering. So I will set out this brief video of a portion of a much longer interview.

He talks about being alone. I consider being alone and quiet to be absolutely required for our growth, and it is something in our culture that we must actively seek.

I am calling this my Pop Culture Riff number 1. I intend this to be a regular feature here. Popular culture is full of gold – some deep and some not so deep, but much that points to the bigger meaning of life. There is a lot more in popular culture than we realize until we open ourselves up more to the messages and currents of thought.

Check out David Foster Wallace here. I have only started to mine his brilliance. There is so much out there that is worth exploring, but you have to dig a bit to find it. I want to to do that for you and for myself, as we explore deeper evolution and the bigger meaning of life.