Pivotal moments arrive in our life. We can never anticipate them. But we cannot ignore them. We must answer yes or no.

It just occurred to me, days after posting this, that this is a conversation between Logos and Eros, between a man largely in Logos and a woman largely in Eros. But I think that it supports my thesis – really the movie as a whole supports it. Logos can be trusted to eventually recognize its limitations and embrace Eros, but we have to do what we can to help in that process – hence the vital importance of all things Jungian. The ego, which has largely latched onto Logos as its method to understand and navigate the world, is very stubborn and short sighted because of the Logos approach to the world. Logos, as an archetype itself, is more flexible and open I believe. But it’s complicated and I will be exploring this a great deal in future posts.

From the wonderful movie, I Originsand for me one of the most important scenes:

I recommend the movie highly.