As I work on my Bigger Meaning of Life, I’m exploring many ideas. One of the biggest ideas is the role of female consciousness in the world and most importantly within each of us.

These concepts of the feminine are not related to gender, but are concepts that reside outside of the strict notions of male and female.

They can and do enrich our lives. Marion Woodman is an important contributor to these ideas. She is wonderful at explaining these ideas in a very human way that goes way beyond gender.

As a man, I was tired of feeling blamed for the world’s ills. I disagree with virtually all of the politics in practically every country. I reject the political and social status quo that is causing such suffering, so I was always miffed to feel that my gender was accused, to be responsible for this.

In reading and listening to Marion Woodman, my eyes have been opened to the reality of this domination by the masculine. It is not gender. It is not boys against girls as we played in elementary school. I was never against girls – it was just fun to chase them.

The entire world is largely dominated by a cartoon masculine structure, which largely serves a tiny slice of the people. Power and domination rule and women can and do participate and support that just as much as men. And many (most – all?) political movements such as Marxism are perfectly in synch with power and domination. The world culture at the top agrees on power and control – the fight is just over who pulls the levers.

I reject that political structure in the world. It is the divine feminine and making the feminine conscious within each one us, male and female, that will liberate us from this terrible status quo. Please see the current American presidential election in 2016 if any proof is required. This embrace of the feminine is not to eliminate or denigrate the masculine, but to restore a balance for the benefit of each one of us, and of the world. But the change must begin within each of us and you can do no better than to learn from Marion Woodman. I’m happy and proud to be a man and am in love with Marion Woodman and her wisdom.

For more on Marion Woodman, go to her foundation. Expand and evolve your life and your consciousness.

In this video, Woodman speaks of her overall experience with Jungian therapy that saved her life.