Life is meant to be deep. Without depth, length is irrelevant.

Depth brings meaning to the mystery of life while expanding both the meaning and the mystery.

Meaning and mystery are the upward spiral of evolution and love in eternal becoming. The snake consuming his own tail in creation.

I Am Kloot

The Same Deep Water as Me

I Am Kloot

Swim out to the ocean
Drown your thoughts out at sea
And dip your hands in the water
Same deep water as me

You’ve been watching for cloudburst
You’ve been praying for rain
Drench your soul in the water
Cleanse your heart of the stain
Cleanse your heart of the stain

The river of love
Flows deep through the night
Rolls you in with the waves
Drags you out with the tides

Swim out to the ocean
Drown our thoughts out at sea
Dipped your hands in the water
The same deep water as me
Same deep water as me

A song inspired by Jung and depth psychology, whether or not I Am Kloot are aware of that or not.

This is why I am so drawn to the works of Carl Jung. He has opened my world to the depths that I had been ignoring.

In modern life it is way too easy to live on the surface. The dissatisfaction of most people – everyone? – is that we ignore our soul’s cry for depth. That lack of depth comes out in a thousand ways that sadden and numb us. Exploring the depths is work, but incredibly rewarding.

But to be clear, we are not talking about ruminating, thinking and rethinking about things. That keeps you on the surface of life and that is the problem for most people – over thinking and under feeling. I know that was my problem and remains a challenge, but it does get easier and more natural with time.