This phrase resonates in my head. Constantly. For me, it’s poetic. Over three years ago, I posted a comment on another blog that talked about a life crisis that can come in early adulthood, around the age of twenty five. The author called it the “quarter-life crisis”. In my comment, I included the following:

“A good friend of mine had the quote “gradient is the elixir of youth” as his high school write up. At the time that was completely wasted on most of us – myself included. But the phrase comes to me now quite often – maybe it is the recognition of gradient or the awakening to gradient, that is the elixir of evolution.”

I know my friend was referring to skiing – one of his passions at the time – but knowing the person, who remains a good friend, he was also pointing to the broader and deeper meaning, if not consciously. Evolution – change – growth – expansion are all the elixir of youth and really, the elixir of life. Myth and meaning are the the engine and fuel for that evolution. And a crisis can be the stimulus for that growth, but the timetable is variable and unpredictable. Mixing metaphors with abandon, I know. But this is Mashup Soup, at least for now, so wtf.