Here we have a small step in our human evolution, but we need to recognize and celebrate the small steps. It’s easy to become cynical or discouraged – in our own lives and in society and humanity in general. Our egos, driven by Logos, are biased to see problems, because that’s what our left brain is best at dealing with…sort of. When you’re a hammer, you look for nails. And big surprise – you can find them. Your left brain is a hammer of Logos. Ask any carpenter – hammers are useful, but not for everything.

But I digress, as I am prone to do. This story is of women moving into traditional Mexican Mariacha bands. Humanity is evolving and gender roles and identity are a big part of this evolution – both as a driver and as a manifestation and feature. And all is well.

NBC News on Female Mariachi Bands

Viva la evolution!