I just saw the movie Colossal last night, starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Brilliant film-making by Ignacio “Nacho” Vigalondo, a Spanish film maker who is certainly worth further attention after seeing this movie . I am not going to talk much about the film, because it deserves to be seen without too much of my interpretation.

I will be speaking to it in the future. We have our own unique perspective and this movie requires that.

Very briefly, the movie opens with Gloria (Anne Hathaway) coming home one morning after partying all night, to her boyfriend’s New York apartment that she shares. This isn’t the first time and he’s had enough. He’s packed her things and she is out on the street in shock. She decides to return to her parents’ home in some small town, called Mainland. The house is empty and she takes up residence there. On that first day, she meets up with an elementary school friend, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) who owns a bar and she starts working there, which is perhaps not the best job for a person with issues with intoxicating substances. A reasonable and predictable start for a movie – drama or romantic comedy or both and there are aspects of both of those genres. But we also have a Godzilla-like monster attacking the capital of South Korea that is really central to the movie. Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas.

I was attracted to this movie because I find Anne Hathaway interesting, and she is excellent in this movie. I also like Jason Sudeikis and he is excellent, again giving credence to the truism in acting that dying is easy, comedy is hard. It is remarkable how many comedic actors can show a dark side with great acting, yet so many dramatic actors fall flat when doing comedy. Finally, I was attracted to the description that some gave it as a mashup – I love those and so many movies are boringly predictable that I was intrigued by such a movie – I wasn’t disappointed.

I won’t give a full review or analysis here – I want to see the movie at least once more before doing that. And I don’t want to taint anyone’s view of it by my interpretation. I’ll just leave you with this. This movie is considered by some to be an interesting, fun and sometimes dark exploration of relationships, masculinity and alcoholism. Other people consider the movie to be a bit of a mess – like Gloria. Like any deeper movie, Colossal can be taken at many different levels. But fundamentally this is a deep exploration of the human condition and first and foremost is intended as myth and metaphor, to my thinking. Carl Jung could say much about it. One final note – the city attacked by the monster in the movie is not chosen ironically or without intent. This is a very interesting movie that is well worth your attention if you are willing to look at it metaphorically. It certainly works on other levels, but this is a movie with depth.