In the age of angst and exhortations to think positively, Carl Jung is a source of reassurance that, while our emotions and our bodily reactions are often inconvenient, they are the source of great inner wisdom that is calling us to the path of healing. That path requires work and awareness, but Jung gives us the tools to find and explore our own path, without suggesting that our path is anything but extremely personal, and that we share our journey with everyone on the planet. The only mistake you can make on your path is to stop.

Carl Jung, and those he inspires, are simply an endless source of challenge and wisdom in our journeys. Jung was a brilliant explorer who discovered much that was new, but he rediscovered much that had been forgotten or marginalized. He did not claim that all of his ideas were his own. He was generous in citing and crediting others. But he wove his own ideas and those of many others into a tapestry of the psyche and of life that we are still uncovering, understanding, integrating, and adding to. Jung was very much a man of the present, who spent an enormous amount of time mining the wisdom of the past and of many other cultures, yet he was always looking forward to what was coming for each one of us and humanity, and how we all have to work to both prepare ourselves for, and make that future.

Jung saw that we were all in this together for some great adventure that calls us to meaning in our lives. And the adventure continues, as it always will.