Psychological and spiritual problems are everywhere – at all ages. It’s all part of the times we are going through. Major changes in society and within individuals. My last post was on Comfortably Numb , which is an attempt to avoid and cover up the pain.

I’ve just learned of an artist who was confronting his own pain head on, as he explored it in his music. Lil Peep was just 21 when he passed yesterday from an apparent overdose. Esquire magazine has a nice piece on him, which I am sure will raise people’s awareness of him outside of his normal audience. This is how I found out about the artist.

GQ magazine also wrote a piece on Lil Peep in August of this year. They saw him as the next step in rap evolution. Obviously there is more to this than one artist, but it’s good to see focus on real evolution.

Lil Peep is being hailed as a new rap artist who is exploring deeper emotions than usually found in popular music. His death is clearly a loss, but I am sure that we will see much more exploration of these deeper issues in music in the future. People are in pain and comfortably numb is not working.

Our modern western society often considers emotions and pain to be self-indulgent and unnecessary. Work hard. Think positive. Get over it. Self-indulgence is always possible with any emotion, but emotions are central to our lives. Emotions are teachers and guides for our lives and they cannot be ignored without paying a huge price. I see this as all part of our accelerating evolution right now. It is only going to intensify and we will get and need more artists like Lil Peep.