I live in Winnipeg, Canada.

Johnnyquest aka John Campbell

I’m a person, a partner and a parent. I’ve always been a seeker with an insatiable curiosity. An itch to understand. My favorite reading as a kid was World Book encyclopedia. Facts were important, but how they fit together was more important for me. I was always in pursuit of the bigger picture. That was my goal. It still is. Only more so.

In my work life, I’m an orthodontist, so I’m in contact with many people throughout my day. I’m humbled by how much everyone teaches me. And how much I have to learn. I am more open to those lessons now.

I come from a scientific background. I have a degree in human growth and development as part of my orthodontic education. I find that funny and ironic as I’m now even more interested in human growth and development as I see us in the process of an exciting period of human evolution in consciousness. I have expanded my interests and pursuit of knowing beyond science.

Science is still an important part and process of knowledge, and always will be.

But there is so much more beyond science and what lies beyond that fascinates me more and more as I continue my quest for knowledge and truth.

Recently I’ve been exposed to a knowing, thanks to a fellow traveler, that I have to explore these ideas more publicly. I hope to contribute in any small way I can to the evolution of humanity. I’m excited by the journey to come. I’m excited to have conversations and mashups with more like-minded people. I’m here to learn and have fun as we evolve together into the unknown. I’m eager to get started and to evolve and connect more, along with you.

My intent is to become an artist of ideas and mashups in service to evolution and love. Our two gigs here on earth. The journey is the destination. In the words of Joey Ramone, “Hey. Ho. Let’s go!”



Just in case you thought evolution has to be quiet or gentle… With evolution there are no rules – just love.

We are here to change the world.

It is time.